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We're Living On Campus

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just me Nov. 18th, 2010 @ 12:24 am
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062. dorm necessities Nov. 26th, 2004 @ 08:48 am
iamthedean: It's really unfortunate that something like that happened to you and that your former university has done nothing about it. Has there been any progress with your law-suit (if you filed it)?

kendodharma: Having a gay roommate would not bother me at all. What would bother me is if that roommate constantly brought her girlfriend into our room to stay overnight, effectively kicking me out. But that would bother me with a heterosexual roommate as well. So, lifestyle wouldn't be a problem, but the way it's handled could be a potential problem, as caefus also mentioned. :D

Last post in August...hmm...but last comment was in October...that's not too long ago. I wonder if I will get any replies to this:

Cross-posted in dorm_decor and collegedorming:
What do you consider an essential college item? If you list more than one item, please list in order of importance. :D
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Aug. 21st, 2004 @ 05:27 pm

Aug. 19th, 2004 @ 12:48 am
how would you guys deal with having a gay roommate?

My (boarding) school has a bunch of rules against sex on campus, but they're pretty ineffective against gays.

As a gay kid living in a dorm, I've had absolutely no problems with my roommate--and he's had no problems with me.

Am I ridiculously fortunate? I have no idea how it is anywhere else, I guess. What do you guys think?

dorm woes Aug. 4th, 2004 @ 10:53 pm
ok, i'll start with one of my horror stories living in a university dorm.
the mens dorm was a 7 story tower, tallest building on campus. i was living on the 5th floor at the time. apparently our floor was having some problems with clothes disappearing out of the laundry room. one morning i was taking a shower (community shower/rest room) and left my clothes on a bench in the little changing area. it was just a pair of jeans, boxer briefs, black t-shirt, and a towel. well, in the middle of my shower this guy starts yelling, cursing, and bitching. i didn't think anything of it until i realized he was talking to me! he started accusing me of stealing his clothes. i didn't know what to think! not much i could do about it naked in the shower with shampoo in my hair. i asked him what his problem was. he said that the jeans i left on the bench were his and he would fuck me up if he found anymore of his clothes on me. and he stormed out. i didn't know him. i knew his face from campus. he was just some guy who lived on the same floor as me. i guess he thought he was the only person in the world that owned a pair of 34x32 guess jeans.

long story short, my roommate and i left the dorm for the weekend. when i came back my dvds, cds, portable cd player& headphones, N64&games, and a cup of quarters were gone. obviously stolen. thats a lot of stuff to just disappear! i had about 30 dvds and a notebook full of cds (about 300). There was no sign of break in. Some one had to have had a key. Who has keys to dorm rooms? The deans and R.A.s! My floor R.A. was a nice guy so i didn't know what to think. I recall seeing 'mr. jeanless' hanging out with the R.A. a couple times. so i assumed they were friends.
there was a lot more stuff in my room that could have been stolen. My computer, surround sound system, tv, my roommates laptop, printer, boombox, clothes,etc... but then i realized they only took the smaller easier 'grab and go' items (closest the the door). and none of my roommates stuff was taken either. but i know my roommate wouldn't take my stuff, so i ruled him out.

in the end my main suspects were the jeans guy and an R.A. i reported the incident to the dean, and he reported it to the office for residential life. the office called me and basically said, "i'm sorry this happened". that was it! no campus police or investigation... NOTHING! so what did i stand to lose? well lets do the math...

  • dvds $18 x 30

  • cds $15 x 300

  • cd player $80

  • N64/games $250

  • $40 in quarters

thats a big chunk of change! needless to say i am no longer attending that university, nor do i recommend their campus housing program. this all happened back in early 2002. to this day the university has said/done nothing more about it. sound lawsuit worthy to you? ha!
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