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iamthedean: It's really unfortunate that something like that happened to you and that your former university has done nothing about it. Has there been any progress with your law-suit (if you filed it)?

kendodharma: Having a gay roommate would not bother me at all. What would bother me is if that roommate constantly brought her girlfriend into our room to stay overnight, effectively kicking me out. But that would bother me with a heterosexual roommate as well. So, lifestyle wouldn't be a problem, but the way it's handled could be a potential problem, as caefus also mentioned. :D

Last post in August...hmm...but last comment was in October...that's not too long ago. I wonder if I will get any replies to this:

Cross-posted in dorm_decor and collegedorming:
What do you consider an essential college item? If you list more than one item, please list in order of importance. :D
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Date:May 31st, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)

Magazine Journalist Needs Feedback from College Kids

Hey everyone,

My name is C. Hope Clark and I am a freelance writer. I have an article assignemnt for NextStep Magazine and need some feedback from college kids. The piece is called Perils of Freshmen Pleasures. It's basically about how freshmen get out on their own and lose a grip on reality - get sick, drink too much, can't make class in the mornings, too loose with the opposite sex, get into legal trouble, you name it. I need some examples of freshmen who got into trouble then I need the help they got and how they found the help. Any good stories out there? I'll bet you can come up with some pretty quirky stuff - but remember, this article will be for high school seniors. My email address is hope@theshywriter.com or hopeclark1@aol.com. Thanks for the help! I'll need to quote you, if possible. Name, School, RA type position will do. If you want first name only, that's fine. If you want to see some of my freelance work, take a look at www.fundsforwriters.com/chopeclark.htm and www.theshywriter.com (my book). Thanks for helping me out here.
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